Axys/APX Consulting

For more than 15 years CSSI has worked with over 1,000 unique firms to assist them to get the most out of their investment in their portfolio management system.

As you can see below we assist firms in many ways. If you do not see the category related to your specific problem that does not mean we can’t help; it just means we don’t yet have that category. If you have not yet registered on our website for CSSI free Axys®/APX® reports click here to register. We may have your solution available for free.

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What is CSSI’s Axys®/APX® Consulting?

CSSI’s Consulting group works with firms to optimize their entire process through process analysis, report writing, programming and quarterly reporting and reconciliation.

CSSI assists firms by:

  • Creating Automated Processes: CSSI has assisted a number of firms who would like to automate their quarterly report creation, reconciliation processes, and custom group build solutions. The ultimate goal is to reduce the amount of human touch and save time. This allows firms to increase their operational scalability.
  • Creating Data Clean-Up Utilities: CSSI has created a number of pre-process and post-process solutions that allow firms to deal with recurring errors or code items as a firm desires.
  • Creating Custom Interfaces and Extracts: CSSI creates data feeds from custodians and other sources to push that data into Axys®/APX®. CSSI also creates custom extracts for use in other systems.
  • Creating Custom Reports: Axys®/APX® come with a number of reports, but often customers want custom modifications or reports made from scratch. CSSI’s consulting group assists customers with these needs by means of replang and SSRS programming.
  • Providing Detailed Process Reviews: A CSSI consultant works on site at a firm and review their processes by meeting with operations and key stakeholders. At the end of the review the firm receives a set of communications that take the form of an action plan.
  • Integrating systems: Many firms need interaction between their Axys®/APX® system and other systems. CSSI’s consultants assist firms in finding and implementing the best solution to create this interaction.

How Does the Consulting Process Work?

  • E-mail or with a description of the process you would like to improve and to learn more.
  • CSSI will respond back with either a quote or questions related to the report.
  • Sign Contracts.
  • Schedule the work to be completed – typical delivery or start of service will be within 15-20 business days.

Other CSSI Services

  • Axys®/APX® Custom Quarterly Report Packages: CSSI creates custom quarterly report packages that meet your layout and specific data needs.
  • Axys®/APX® Custom Billing Reports: CSSI creates custom billing reports that handle your complex billing needs.
  • Axys®/APX® Custom Operations Reports: CSSI creates custom reports to help you with your operation needs.

How Do I Learn More?

Contact at to learn more about how CSSI can assist your firm with any and all of your Advent needs.