Axys/APX Reporting

CSSI’s Axys®/APX® Reporting

CSSI’s has written hundreds of custom reports for firms and via the website offers dozens of downloadable reports for free to valid users of Axys®/APX®. If you don’t find what you need please email us. We might have it, but not yet on the website and can send it to you at no charge.

If you still don’t have what you need we’ll submit to you a price quote and a turn-around time. Try us… you’ll like us. How many of our clients give us repeat business – almost all of them!

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CSSI Delivers All Kinds of Reports

CSSI has completed hundreds of projects over the years ranging from minor Axys®/APX® report formatting issues to the most complicated reports and report package needs.

Client reporting projects fall into four categories:

  • Custom Quarterly Report Packages: CSSI creates a portion of the package, the entire package, tweak the reports in an existing package or assist with package generation. Package generation can be as simple as selecting a group and running a script. CSSI also assists with process package layout.
  • Report Training and Styling: CSSI trains users on proper use of existing Axys®/APX® reports and SSRS reports. After becoming familiar with report styles, macros, compound reports and other styling options many clients can then perform minor customizations on their own.
  • Custom Billing Reports: Many firms have complicated billing tiers, asset class schedules, unsupervised assets, non-billable cash or commission related needs. In these cases CSSI saves firms the cost and time of manipulating files in MS Excel and creates custom billing reports that solve firms’ needs. Our motto is “If you can do it in MS Excel, we can code an Axys® or APX® report to do the same thing.”
  • Custom Operations Reports: Operations Departments are interested in cash and asset movement, checking the quality of data and enhancing their reconciliation process. CSSI has written a number of custom reports that are specific to a customer’s data integrity needs, e.g. checking outliers, identifying exceptions and auditing transactions.

How Does the Process Work?

  • E-mail a mock-up and description of the report you would like to have created.
  • CSSI will respond back with either a quote or questions related to the report.
  • Once the quote is accepted CSSI sends a statement of work that describes the work to be performed and details of cost.
  • When signed contract is received CSSI begins programming.
  • In most cases, we deliver the report to the customer for testing within 10 to 15 business days.
  • All reports are covered under a 90-day warranty beginning the day of initial delivery.
  • Annual Maintenance is optional (may be required for some very complex reports).

Other CSSI Services:

  • Axys®/APX® Data Conversions: CSSI moves your data into and out of Axys® and APX®.
  • Axys®/APX® Data Imports: CSSI automates the pushing or pulling of data between Axys®/APX®S and other systems.
  • Axys®/APX® Custom Interfaces: CSSI creates custom interfaces between Axys®/APX® and other systems

How Do I Learn More?

Contact at to discuss how CSSI can help you with your reporting, automation, workflow or training needs.