CSSI’s Moxy® Consulting

For 10+ years CSSI has worked with investment firms, both large and small, in developing new Moxy® Crystal and SSRS reports, extracts and custom calculators. CSSI’s Consulting Group has leveraged their experience with Advent’s Moxy® to help firms that are interested in maximizing their investment on their portfolio management system.

CSSI developed a number of custom extracts that helped firms make the jump from Moxy® 5 to Moxy® 7. Contact us for your next custom Moxy® solution.

What is CSSI’s Moxy® Consulting Services?

CSSI’s Moxy® Consulting Service group works with firms to create custom reports, extracts, calculators and workflow so that companies can maximize the use of their Moxy® system.

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CSSI has worked with firms creating and customizing:

  • Moxy® Trade Extracts.
  • Moxy® Crystal Reports.
  • Moxy® SSRS Reports.
  • Moxy® Commission Calculators.
  • Full automation of trade confirms to brokers, custodians and clients.
  • …General Moxy® consulting.

How Does The Moxy® Consulting Services Process Work?

  • E-mail with an interest in learning more or send a mock-up, file description or calculations for the extract or report you would like created.
  • CSSI will respond back with either a quote or questions related to the report.
  • Once we understand the requirements, we will provide a quote.
  • Once the quote is accepted CSSI sends a statement of work that describes the work to be performed and details of cost.
  • When signed contract is received CSSI schedules the work. Typical delivery will be within 20-25 business days.

Other CSSI Services

  • Axys®/APX® Custom Quarterly Report Packages: CSSI creates custom quarterly report packages that meet your layout and specific data needs.
  • Axys®/APX® Custom Billing Reports: CSSI creates custom billing reports that handle your complex billing needs.
  • Axys®/APX® Custom Operations Reports: CSSI creates custom reports to help you with your operation needs.
  • Axys®/APX® Consulting Services: CSSI assists your firm by delivering customized consulting services to increase the overall utility of your system.
  • SSRS Reporting Services: CSSI assists your firm by creating custom APX® reports using SSRS Reporting Services.

How Do I Learn More?

Contact at to learn more about how CSSI can assist your firm with any or all of your Advent needs.