CSSI’s SSRS Reporting Services

CSSI has worked with a number of investment firms in developing new and enhancing existing SSRS reports. The CSSI consulting group has worked with Axys® and APX® systems for the last 15+ years. By leveraging that knowledge, CSSI is able to carry over this expertise to APX® SSRS report projects, resulting in better customer packages and a better customer experience.

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How does CSSI’s expertise roll down to the customer?

Providing Guidance

  • CSSI’s experience provides insight into the issues that may arise related to system set-up when it comes to SSRS reporting (i.e. asset classes, types, IRR vs. TWR performance).
  • CSSI has a strong understanding of the hierarchy of the data that impacts SSRS reporting (i.e. settings, inheritance, groups and composites).

Working Efficiently

  • CSSI understands the inner workings of APX® (and Axys®) systems. CSSI avoids many of the mistakes that might otherwise go unforeseen until it is too late.

Being Flexible

  • Having worked with a number of investment firms CSSI understands what the customer is trying to achieve and can explain and train on the workarounds that are needed in some cases.

What does CSSI’s SSRS Reporting group do?

CSSI’s SSRS Reporting group works with firms to create or update the look they want in their client reporting packages.

CSSI has worked with firms creating and customizing:

  • Household Overview Report
  • Portfolio Overview Report
  • Performance Overview Report
  • Equity Overview Report
  • Fixed Income Overview Report
  • Risk Overview Report
  • …many other Custom Reports

How Does the CSSI SSRS Custom Reporting Process Work?

  • E-mail with an interest in learning more or send a mock-up of the report you would like created.
  • CSSI will respond back with a quote or questions related to the report or your workflow.
  • Once the quote is accepted CSSI sends a statement of work that describes the work to be performed and details of cost.
  • When signed contract is received the work is scheduled.
  • Typical delivery will be within 20-25 business days.

Other CSSI Services

  • Axys®/APX® Custom Quarterly Report Packages – CSSI creates custom quarterly report packages that meet your specific layout and data needs.
  • Axys®/APX® Custom Billing Reports – CSSI creates custom billing reports that handle customers’ complex billing needs.
  • Axys®/APX® Custom Operations Reports – CSSI creates custom reports to help customers with their operation needs.
  • Axys®/APX® Consulting Services – CSSI assists firms by delivering customized consulting services to increase the overall utility of their systems.

How Do I Learn More?

Contact at to learn more about how CSSI can assist your firm with any or all of your Advent needs.