Backup Services

Your information at your fingertips.

Keep Your IT On the Job with CSSI

Your office manager suddenly downloads a virus. Someone trips over a cord in the server room. The power goes out.

Accidents like these are a fact of life. Your data may be protected, but are you prepared to access it?

In an industry where every down hour could cost millions, CSSI’s enterprise-level backup system ensures that you receive continuous, uninterrupted access to your most critical business data every minute of every day. If you have connection to the Internet—we guarantee that you can access your essential information.

Until now, this level of server security and continuity was out of reach for many small and medium-sized businesses. Our secure and accelerated recovery helps you avoid unproductive downtime. No one can offer you a faster way to recover your critical files.

We offer:
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Disaster Recovery Protocols
  • Disaster Prevention Strategies
  • Hassle-free Backup

Compliant.  Secure.  Continuously Available.

CSSI utilizes a partner platform, which has been developed using a comprehensive, multi-layered approach designed to deliver exceptional continuity, performance, and security.

CSSI’s Backup and Recovery System is hosted in a Tier 3, SAS 70 Type II audited data center plus, our systems and infrastructure are all designed to maximize data security and maintain availability.  Our documented and reviewed internal control framework meets SAS 70 Type II certification and HIPAA data management requirements.

Get Your IT out of the Closet with CSSI

Don’t keep your critical equipment and data in the office closet. Keep it in a state-of-the-art facility under the watchful eye of our team. CSSI can provide IT hosting for your entire infrastructure – or any part of it – and continuously provide you the high performance, high availability, and high security that your business deserves.

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