Private Hosting for
   Asset Management Firms

More and more asset management firms are moving their valuable data assets and

         critical equipment out of the closet and into the cloud.

CSSI offers clients a private cloud where information is kept secure in a dual back-up environment that is instantly accessible through a user interface.

Our hosting services extend to your entire infrastructure. CSSI’s team of IT professionals provide your business the high performance, high availability and high security it needs to be continuously available. When you want it. Where you want it. Even when the power goes out.

  • Email & Applications: All of the benefits, none of the headaches.
  • Dedicated Servers: The flexibility you need to customize your OS hardware/software.
  • Managed Hosting: An all-inclusive solution that takes the weight of IT off of your shoulders.

Once we’ve assessed your needs and objectives, we’ll design a solution that may include a la carte or holistic hosting services. In either instance, the bottom line is to keep your business continuously running at top speeds.

Let us show you how it works – and how it can work for you. Call us for a demo of our private cloud environment!