Cloud Hosting

CSSI has entered into an agreement with CyGem, a cloud service provider, to host and support Advent products and applications. CSSI selected CyGem because we felt CyGem offered the highest quality cloud and application hosting service. CSSI provides Advent upgrades and product support, while CyGem provides the data security and application access.

Product Sheet Downloads:

What are the Cloud Service options?

CSSI offers three different Cloud Service solutions:

  • Private Cloud: A private cloud is a customized solution fitted to your firm’s needs. The private cloud changes with the needs of your firm so that you can grow or shrink your capacity as needed. The private cloud runs on today’s latest technologies. Your firm is not responsible for the upkeep.
  • Data Backup/Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity: All data is automatically backed up through a file upload that works in the background and allows for system restores. Stand-By environments can be made available within hours.
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange: A hosted Microsoft exchange provides web access to Microsoft Outlook as well as customized anti-virus, anti-spam, and SSL security and firewall.

CSSI Advent upgrade and support services:

Under a retainer agreement, CSSI cloud services customers are offered Advent upgrade and support services through an allocated amount of time each month. Retainer hours would primarily be used for support, but unused hours may be used toward product upgrades in a given month. This allows the customer to maximize their support dollars.

CSSI Advent support services:

As a CSSI cloud customer, your firm would call CSSI for your Advent support needs. CSSI answers questions, resolves the situation, or begins an escalation process. The escalation would be a mix of internal CSSI resources and Advent support.

What does it cover?

  • Advent Product Support: Answering Report Questions, Troubleshooting Issues, Opening Trouble Tickets, Researching Issues and Solutions.
  • Advent Product Upgrades: Apx® Upgrades, Axys® Upgrades, Moxy® Upgrades

How Do I Learn More?

Contact at to learn more about how CSSI can assist your firm with any and all of your Advent needs.