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CSSI has over a decade worth of experience creating
custom Axys® and APX® reports. CSSI gathers requirements
and design solutions either using existing reports or creating
new ones. APX® reports can either be done in Replang or
SSRS based on specific requirements.
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CSSI's Consulting group works with firms to optimize their
entire process from reconciliation to quarterly reporting with
their expertise in report writing, programming and process
analysis. They assist firms by creating automated processes,
data clean-up utilities, custom interfaces and extracts, reports,
integrating systems and by providing detailed process reviews.
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CSSI has written hundreds of custom reports for firms and via
the website offers dozens of downloadable reports for free to
valid users of Axys®/APX®. If you don’t find what you need
please email us. We might have it, just not yet on the website
and can send it to you at no charge.
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CSSI's BackOffice Services act as a firm’s in-house operations
outsourced as a reconciliation staff (or staff supplement). The services
include daily account reconciliation, entry of paper statements, price
and index updates and backup of audit trails and logs. CSSI administers
the services remotely on the customer’s system, which allows the
customer to maintain control of both the operation and the data.
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CSSI has been providing Advent AXYS® and APX® services
since 1997 resulting in a wealth of specific industry experience
and knowledge. CSSI has a growing team of seasoned
employees across its three current office locations in
King of Prussia, PA, Louisville, KY and Phoenix, AZ.
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CSSI is a BackOffice services company helping investment management firms get the most out of their portfolio management systems. CSSI started in 1995 as a software consulting firm and in 2005, CSSI expanded its offerings to include BackOffice outsourcing services for daily reconciliation, performance building, quarterly report generation, and composite maintenance using Advent Axys®/APX®, Schwab PortfolioCenter® and Morningstar® platforms. Today that is the primary business.

CSSI still provides today the consulting services and the free reports that built our reputation. The consulting group, since 1997 CSSI has been actively providing Advent Axys®/APX® custom reporting solutions and related software services. CSSI has designed and implemented dozens of reporting packaging systems and is the go to firm for SSRS reporting.

CSSI also offers cloud hosting services, client portal services, data services, system conversions, data clean-up and process automation. All the services can be combined as one offering or the customer can choose ala carte.

CSSI is headquartered in King of Prussia, PA with additional offices in Louisville (KY), Phoenix (AZ), Orlando (FL), and London (UK).